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It’s been a weird week. We got back from a long weekend in Charlotte on Monday, and I stayed home sick on Tuesday. (Thanks to my sister Katie for passing me her cold.) I had to go in Wednesday morning to give a presentation, but left a little early to rest some more. I was finally feeling mostly better yesterday, but then today is a flex Friday. So I worked maybe 2 days total this week? I’m not complaining about that, but my internal clock is all thrown off.

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In other time-is-weird news, how is October almost over already?? It’s one of my favorite months so basically I want it to last for maybe 7 or 8 weeks instead of only 4. I’m looking forward to some more fall fun this weekend, including a trip to the pumpkin patch. Hopefully they still have some left!

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Today I’m making the final component for Emma’s Halloween costume — a “carpet bag” to finish off the Mary Poppins look. I bought the exterior fabric a while ago and was planning to just hack something together for one-time use, but then I came across a super cute pattern and thought: why not make a quality bag that Emma can continue to use/play with after Halloween?

Bag-making requires so much more advanced planning than quilting does, at least it seems that way for me. There are so many different components! Stabilizer, interfacing, another type of interfacing, lining, etc. But I think I can get it done before Emma gets home this afternoon.

— 4 —

I was forcefully upgraded to Office 2013 on my work computer last week and so far I am…not a fan. I know I’ll get used to it eventually, but geez, I hate having to relearn where various options are, and reconfigure everything to get it back to my liking.

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Emma’s doing great in her big girl bed. The other night around 11:00 when Jose and I were getting ready for bed ourselves, we noticed she had turned 90 degrees and had her legs hanging off the side of the bed. So funny! Why do kids sleep in such odd positions?

(We decided to just leave her alone, and sure enough, the next morning she had wriggled herself back into a more normal sleep position.)

— 6 —

Important announcement: this weekend I’ll be making owl cookies!

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And finally, just for fun, PhD comics speaks the truth…and it applies to far more than just academia:


Once Upon a Time Sampler Update

Thanks to a lack of sewing projects this month and some free time in North Carolina last weekend, I wrapped up the October block of my Once Upon a Time sampler with more than a week to spare! (Which is good, because I need to work on the border some more.)




This was one of my favorite months — Cinderella and her pumpkin coach are so cute!


Before Cinderella, I also wrapped up part 2 of my Halloween Town piece. It won’t be done in time for this year, but it’s coming along nicely. I started on part 3 last night after doing a bit of a redesign from the original. I’ll share more next week on how I modify designs. This year is the first time I’ve ever edited a cross stitch pattern and it’s been fun to figure out how to do that!

Quilty Inspiration

Time for another round of quilts that have caught my eye. Every time I think I’ve come up with a neat idea, I find at least 5 other things that are far more gorgeous than anything I could even produce. Wow.


1) This Leaded Glass quilt by Tracey Jacobsen is stunning. I came across it on Flickr, but it’s apparently also featured in American Quilter magazine this month.

2) Tickle and Hide’s Rising Balloons quilt is so similar to an idea I’ve had in my head for a couple years now to make a quilt based on what the ground looks like from the sky. She modeled this after hot air balloons, but to me it looks like irrigated crop circles as seen from an airplane!

3) This Flowering Snowball mini quilt by Jen Johnston is another prime example of what tends to catch my eye — brightly colored and geometric. I think I need to get into mini quilts — it seems like an awesome way to try a lot of things without having to commit to something large.

4) I followed Sara Lawson’s Tesselation quilt sew-along on her blog. The result is so pretty! (The pattern is by Alison Glass and Nydia Kehnle.)

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