Appreciating // Your nice and thoughtful comments about blogging in response to my post a few days ago. Even though I probably won’t be posting every single weekday anymore, I definitely expect to post somewhere between 3-5 days as week. Basically, I’m not going to waste time doing some sort of “filler” post just to say I posted that day. I’ve done that a few times in the last year or so, and I’m never happy with those posts.

Enjoying // The new showerhead we got for our guest bathroom. It’s one with a hose, so I can use it to wash Emma’s hair instead of repeated use of a plastic cup. (She inexplicably FREAKED OUT the first time, but loves it now.) I had no idea how easy it is to change a showerhead — Jose had it installed in less than 5 minutes, and I’m not exaggerating. Now I want a new one for our master bath! Maybe one of those nifty rain ones?

(Blowing the seeds off her first dandelion with Gima in Charlotte early last week)

Needing // To treat both the front and back yards for fire ants. I noticed a rapidly growing mound in our front yard a few days ago, and Jose nearly got bitten after stumbling upon a less-visible mound while knocking some tree fertilizer stakes into the ground. If you live somewhere that doesn’t have fire ants, consider yourself very VERY fortunate.

Waiting // To receive the Apple gift cards I’m owed from trading in several old devices. I wanted to upgrade to an iPad with more than 16GB of memory, so I traded in my 1) old iPhone 5, 2) Jose’s old iPhone 5, 3) Jose’s iPad mini (that he hasn’t used since getting his iPhone 6+) and 4) my 4th gen iPad (that was perfectly fine except for the memory issue). That gives me enough credit to get a new iPad at no extra cost. Sweet!

(Also, sheesh, do we buy enough Apple devices?)

Cutting // Fabric, fabric, and more fabric as I get started on the quilt and pillow patterns I’m testing.

Considering // Buying Elise Cripe’s Get to Work Book. I haven’t used a paper planner in years but I love the ideas behind hers. Even if I never use it, I’d consider the money a worthwhile donation — her blog has been hands down my favorite daily read for at least a year now.

Pondering // This new (to me at least) idea of organizing a to-do list by emotion. I have a bad tendency to load up my list with things that don’t necessarily excite me, or just feel like obligations. I wonder…if I shifted my point of view to think about how a to-do item would make me feel, would that change things at all?

Current Crafty To-Dos

Since finishing the rising balloons quilt more than a month ago, I’ve been in a bit of a sewing slump. The only thing going has been a bit of piecing for my Passacaglia quilt — and by “bit” I mean “very little bit.”


Progress is progress thought, right? I haven’t worried at all about my little slump, but I realized earlier this week that if I don’t get back into it now, I’m going to wind up in a bit of a time crunch in the very near future. I’ve got 5 things currently on my list, and 3 of them are commitments that have actual deadlines (as opposed to personal sewing which only has self-imposed deadlines). Here’s what’s up for the next few months, in priority order:

1. Testing the Modern Flag Quilt and Scrappy USA Pillow pattern by Amber Crawley for Rebel Craft Media. I said I was interested in being a tester but didn’t actually expect to get picked. Well…I did! Which is awesome. But the deadline is May 1 so I’ve got 2 weeks to knock it out. I don’t have to make a finished quilt by then, but rather only a finished top, so it’s totally doable — but only if I start, like, TONIGHT.

2. Making something for the Alison Glass mini quilt swap, which I signed up for in February. The shipping deadline is June 15 so I still have plenty of time, but I haven’t thought about it at all yet. I want to have a plan by the end of this month, and finish it by the end of May.

3. Make something for the Modern Quilt Guild’s fabric challenge. I was able to get signed up in the first 1,500 people so I got 6 free fat eighths of Riley Blake fabric, which arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. One of the requirements is to try something I haven’t done before and learn something new — I’m thinking of doing either some sort of dresden plate or something with cathedral windows, neither of which I’ve ever tried. The deadline (at least if I want to be considered for the contest) is July 31

4. A baby quilt — for a baby who has already arrived. I know what I’m doing and have all the fabric, so I should be able to get started on this as soon as I finish my pattern testing, and continue to work on it along with the Alison Glass mini.

5. Get started on my Technicolor Galaxy block of the month quilt. I’ve been seeing so many awesome progress shots on the Facebook group, yet I’ve been completely intimidated about starting mine own! But I have all the supplies staring me in the face, and thus it’s time to do something with them.

Whew! Time to get to work!

(And also? I’m forbidding myself from taking on any more projects, swaps, or testing until I get these five things done/under control. When it comes to sewing, my eyes are seriously bigger than my stomach…er, free time.)

Whither the Blog, Redux

I’ve been blogging in some form since 1998, and all but the first few years are on this site. Nearly 20 years of my life, documented online. Not everything, of course, but significant portions of it. It seems totally crazy yet totally normal at the same time.

A 100-day long “blog” from 2001, before the domain. I still love this 14 years later.

Lately I’ve been going back through my archives a few posts at a time, mainly to update punctuation and fix broken links, but also because it’s just kind of fun. I read those deep, deep archives and sometimes cringe, but usually smile. They are random, they are boring, but they are my life. I remember those days and I’m glad that I recorded them.

Blogs are funny things. When I started, they didn’t make any money. They weren’t a business. They didn’t feature styled photoshoots. They were just online, public diaries with all the positives and negatives that entailed.

This site in 2003, powered by Blogger and before the era of social media.

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately: what do I want this blog to be? Do I need to post every day? Do I need to be an Amazon Affiliate? Do I need to join an ad network? Why do I care about hits and comments? It wasn’t always so important to me.

For the last 18 months or so, I’ve been posting nearly every weekday, with only a few exceptions. I wonder if anyone notices, or if anyone cares? I started doing it on a whim — because daily posts were something I saw others doing, because I wondered if it would bring more readers, because my posts had become a bit sporadic compared to previous years, because I wanted to just see if I could. I’m surprised that I was able to keep it up for as long as I did, but the “experiment” may have run its course for now. This isn’t a business; it’s just my blog. It’s become more difficult for me to come up with a post every day, and if that’s not a sign to stop, I don’t know what is.

2005 version. I think I was using Movable Type to run it at this point. I had a photoblog too.

Instead of coming up with things to write about, I want to just write when I feel like writing. Who am I trying to impress other than myself? My archives from 10 years ago are often more interesting to me than what I wrote last year. Maybe that’s nostalgia…but maybe it’s because that was life, instead of me sometimes trying and often failing to fit some “blogger” mold.

Snapshot from 2008. Look at that blogroll! The only one who still really blogs is Jen.

And I think a lot about what I could or should post here. I think about my job, my career. I think about household management. I think about motherhood and parenthood. But while I’ve got those zillion things on my mind, I tend to only write about the superficial. I want to get back to being  real. More authentic. And I also want to be more relaxed. More “enough.”

Basically? Less of “them” and more of ME.

And that actually sounds pretty nice.

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