26 Weeks with #2


Size of the Baby: About 1 2/3 pounds and 14 inches long…the size of a scallion. (A scallion? Really? I mean — really?) I feel really big. But then I take a photo of myself and I guess I’m really looking pretty normal for 6 months pregnant. But man. I feel big.

Weight gain/loss: I’ve gained about 20 pounds in all, which is 5 pounds more than I’d gained at this point with Emma. I’m trying not to be too bothered by that, and remind myself that I lost it all after Emma and can lose it all again…but I also know that it’s hard. It takes work (obviously). So I really don’t want to let it get TOO out of control this time around. I’m going to watch what I eat a little more closely over the remaining 3 months.

Maternity clothes: So far I’ve been successful in resisting the urge to buy anything else. But like I mentioned last week, I may have to break down for one more pair of work pants. We’ll see.

Sleep: Ugh, my arms have been falling asleep at night since I’m solely sleeping on my side. It’s annoying! Whine, whine.

Movement: Night and day and basically whenever. She is doing somersaults in there or something.

Food cravings: Still a bit of a sweet tooth, but I’m resisting as much as I can.

Best moment this week? Several of them! Celebrating Jose’s birthday last Friday — Emma gets SUPER excited about any and all birthdays and it’s pretty endearing. (“Daddy! We got cupcakes for your birf-day!”) Celebrating our anniversary last Saturday with a picnic and opera. Going to the Rockets playoff game on Monday night, which turned out to be the only game in the series that they won. (On the other hand, our drive home through torrential downpours while a good portion of downtown and west Houston was literally flooding was a bit…intense.)

What I miss: Being able to bend over easily. I joked about this last week, but this week I mean it. I’ve really started to notice my belly getting in the way when I try to pick things up off the floor — and since we have Emma this time around, there is always a lot of stuff on the floor. Time to get a little more diligent about making Emma clean up, I suppose. (We actually have her clean up daily already, but I usually help her.)

What I’m looking forward to: Another date night tonight while Jose’s mom is still in town!

Milestones: Man, I think I’m heading into the last week of my second trimester. Am I doing that math right? Crazy. Time is flying past and despite the fact that my belly is growing and I feel her moving all the time, I don’t think it’s fully set in yet that we are getting really close to having another baby in the house. Suddenly I’m feeling like there must be more we need to be doing, since we basically haven’t done a single thing.

May Goal Update

June goals coming next week. In the meantime, here’s how I did in May.

Empty the baby-room-to-be. We’re about halfway done, and I expect to be essentially complete by the end of the upcoming weekend. The only thing that won’t be done by the end of May is moving the 4 bookcases upstairs — which will have to wait until we can invite someone over for dinner and then con them into helping Jose move them. (Ha!)

Walk at least 3 times per week. Utter and complete failure. I didn’t do it the first week, and then continued to use “well, I haven’t even started yet” as an excuse to…continue to NOT START. I’m going to regroup and try again in June.


Monthly “make stuff” list. Fortunately I had a good month in this department. My mini for the Alison Glass swap is nearly finished and made good progress on the baby quilt too!

One Little Word: May

This year I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word workshop. My word is “enough.” All of my OLW posts are here.

This month’s prompt was to create 9 “I am” cards and fill them in. Ali recommended taking some time to really think about what to write…but I must admit I chose the totally opposite tactic. I sat down and wrote the first 9 things that came into my head, which in the end, worked a lot better for me. Less pressure to say the “right” thing, more freedom to just capture what is really running through my brain.


As a result, I ended up with a little bit of everything in there plus sort of an all-encompassing statement in the middle (and a blue arrow sticker courtesy of Emma that I didn’t notice before taking this photo).

I did struggle a bit with my word this month. As I’ve gotten into the 5-6 month mark of pregnancy and most of my energy has returned, my tendencies to take on a little more than I can handle, set too many goals for myself, and pressure myself to be more “productive” have returned. As I head into June, I need to remind myself to take it easy and relax a bit more.

For the cards themselves, I just took two sheets of cardstock and painted them with Emma’s watercolors — one red/orange/yellow and one green/blue/purple. I ran them through the printer for the “I am” words since I don’t do the stamping that most people do, cut them up, and picked nine of them. It’s super rainbow-y…and I like it.

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