Starbucks Mug Rug Swap

This month I participated in my first sewing swap! I’ve seen these mentioned many times before but hadn’t jumped into one until now, and it was so much fun. I will definitely be doing more swaps in the future. This was a Starbucks Mug Rug Swap with two required items — a Starbucks “You Are Here” mug and a mug rug to go with it. (I also threw in three fat quarters and a $5 Starbucks card as extras.)


I spend a ridiculously long time trying to decide what to make, and finally decided to go with this paper-pieced gemstone pattern that I’ve had for over a year, just waiting for a good opportunity to use it.


The pattern makes a big 20″ diameter circle. I thought about reducing the size, but decided it might be cool to just make 1/4 of the circle — in other words, a 10″x10″ square. That’s still slightly large for a mug rug, but I decided to just go with it. I had several different shades of pink/purple/red in my scrap stash and used leftover lightweight denim (from my poolside tote) as the background and binding. I love how it turned out!


I wasn’t exactly sure how to quilt it, so I started off with a long curved line along the border of the gemstone. Once I saw that, I decided to echo that shape over the rest of the mug rug. It got a little wonky down toward the bottom corner, but overall I really liked it. I’ve never done anything but straight line quilting, so curves were fun to play with.


On the back, I randomly pieced together a few more scraps to make a stripe. I also wrote my name and the date — I wouldn’t have thought to do this, but the person who sent me my package had labeled hers and I realized that was a great idea! I have not consistently labeled my quilts in the past, and I really need to start.

I put this in the mail on Saturday so my partner should receive it tomorrow. Hope she likes it!

Weekly Workouts

Sep 14 – 4.8 miles
Sep 15 –
Sep 16 –
Sep 17 – 3.5 miles (treadmill)
Sep 18 –
Sep 19 –
Sep 20 – 2.6 mile walk

Sep 13 – ?
Sep 20 – 175.6


September total – 32.6 miles

First of all, I did NOT count yesterday’s walk in my September total since the goal is to RUN 50 miles this month. Second of all, after another fun run around the National Mall in DC last Sunday before I flew home, I then slacked off for the rest of the week for no good reason.

The good news is that I’ve got 10 days left in September and only 17.4 miles to reach 50 for the month. This should be easily doable, and I plan to add ~5 miles today (which will be reflected in my summary next Sunday) that will kept me on track — so really it’s 12.4 miles in 9 days. Piece of cake.

This ‘n That

— 1 —

Happy Friday! After two weekends of traveling, I am very much looking forward to spending this weekend at home. The past few days have been full of rain, rain and more rain but the forecast for tomorrow and Sunday is looking much better. Temperatures are starting to creep down ever so slowly, and I’m excited by the thought that fall will be here soon.

— 2 —

I’m also happier than usual to reach the weekend because geez, it was kind of a ridiculous week for me at work. I had to deal with several frustrating things and frustrating people on all fronts. Yep, one of THOSE kind of weeks.

— 3 —

Emma’s language development continues in leaps and bound. She basically narrates everything we do these days, and she talks so much in the car that I can’t listen to podcasts like I used to because she drowns them out with a stream of:

“Light green Mommy!”
“There’s a bus!”
“We stop! Light red!”
“Space shuttle on top of airplane!”
“Truck! Big truck!”
“School! There’s school!”
“See my friends!”

It is pretty much the best.

— 4 —

She is also picking up a ton of stuff at daycare, including songs and rhymes. The other night she was talking to herself while playing in the living room, and suddenly Jose and I realized she was reciting “Five Little Monkeys.”

Again, it is pretty much the best.

— 5 —

Of course, her vocal abilities are less impressive when she is wailing for her “loooooollllllllipooooopppppp” as she was yesterday after swimming lessons.

(It was a dum dum. She had eaten about half of it but then I took it away because I didn’t want her sucking on it in the car on the way home…choking hazard, etc, etc. She was not amused.)

— 6 —

A few weeks back I signed up for my very first “swap” — where you are given a partner and make something for them. This was a Starbucks mug rug swap, and the two required items are 1) a Starbucks “You Are Here” mug and 2) a mug rug. (A mug rug is just a quilted piece, maybe the size of a napkin or a bit larger, that you can use to set your mug on. A rug for your mug. Ha!)


My package arrived on Wednesday from Stephanie at Creative Reveries and it was so awesome! She sent me a Washington DC mug and a great rainbow colored mug rug — and as a bonus, she sent a matching pouch and a handful of charm squares. So cool!

— 7 —


There are still a few days before the swap ends, and I’ll be sending out my own package to my assigned partner tomorrow. Above is a sneak peek of what I’m making! I’ll post better photos of the whole package next week.

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