March Goal Update

April goals coming next week. In the meantime, here’s how I did in March

If it didn’t get done the first weekend of March, it didn’t get done at all since the other three weekends were jam-packed with rodeo and wedding and birthday fun. And thus I am forced to admit that I totally failed at every single goal I set for this month.

The garage is still a mess.

The front flower bed is overgrown to the point that the weeds are as tall as me and sprouting little yellow flowers, which actually makes them kind of pretty! (I’m anticipating a letter from the HOA, like, yesterday.)

I made a bit of progress on La Passacaglia but did no other sewing.

And you know what? Goals, schmoals. March. Was. AWESOME.

p.s. Actually, I DID finally tackle my closet, and last Friday I donated three large garbage bags full of no-longer-worn clothes. That was a goal for January and February, so better late than never!


Anticipating // A Soyuz launch this afternoon, carrying Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko on a year-long adventure in space. Only a handful of people (all Russian) have spent a year in space before, and no one has done it on the International Space Station. You can watch the launch on NASA TV tomorrow at 2:43 Central!

(The photo above shows the Soyuz rocket at the launch pad in Baikonur, Kazakhstan after it was lifted into position on Wednesday.)

Planning // A rearrangement/revamping of our guest room. I want it to be a combination of guest room, reading nook, and possibly even exercise room if I can manage to come up with a floor plan that fits the treadmill.

Decluttering // In what feels like an endless loop. As I was picking things up on Monday night in preparation for the cleaners’ biweekly visit, I got so frustrated by the amount of STUFF that accumulates between each of their visits (which leaves the house with blissfully clean surfaces for, oh, about 30 minutes). I feel like I am constantly throwing things in the trash, and yet it continues. My family are not minimalists, and I get that, and accept that. But good grief. We just have so. much. STUFF. It’s ridiculous.

(And then I read Erin’s post and felt slightly better. But still. TOO MUCH STUFF.)


Awwwww-ing // At my little astronaut. It was “literacy exploration day” or something like that at daycare on Wednesday, so the kids were supposed to bring one of their favorite books, dress up like a character from it, and then tell everyone who they were. We went with “Floating Home” about Maxine a kid astronaut. I ordered the astronaut suit from Amazon and it was ridiculously too big, but we made it work!

(This pic came from another parent. I decided not to go see the presentations because I thought Emma was much more likely to participate if I wasn’t there. Looks like I was right! The teachers said all the kids did a great job!)

Appreciating // All the lovely birthday wishes I got yesterday via phone, text, blog and FB!

Happy Birthday to Me!


Today I am 37! Hooray! Here are 3 things I’m looking forward to as a 37-year-old, and 7 awesome things that happened since my last birthday.

This year:

  1. Going somewhere fun this summer with Jose for our hopefully-an-annual-thing kid-free vacation!
  2. New babies for both family and friends!
  3. Continuing to focus on my one little word and enjoying the calm(er) demeanor that reminding myself of “enough” brings.

Last year:

  1. A fabulously relaxing trip to Jamaica with Jose!
  2. Friend and family weddings! Three of them — Seth and RachelCarter and Kent, and Alex and Krystle!
  3. Emma turning 2, along with her morphing from toddler to full-blown talking preschooler.
  4. Finishing a bunch of quilts and seeing my skills improve.
  5. Being “on rotation” to the CSO office at work, which I have really enjoyed.
  6. Finally getting the M.A. (In digital media) that I’d been working on for 9 years.
  7. Getting back into running in a really enjoyable way via Couch to 5K.

Here’s to 37!

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