Weekly Workouts

Jul 20 – 2 mile walk with Jose & Emma
Jul 21 –
Jul 22 – 2.7 treadmill miles
Jul 23 –
Jul 24 –
Jul 25 –
Jul 26 –

Jul 19 – 176.8
Jul 26 – 176.0


Somehow this week totally got away from me, and suddenly it’s Sunday again, and when it comes to running the week was pretty much a bust.

I ran on the treadmill on Tuesday since it was threatening to storm outside. I actually hadn’t used it in several weeks — since I knew my 5K would be outside, I knew that training outside would be more beneficial, and it was. But after all that time, getting back on the treadmill was pretty awful at first. I’ve always felt like I put in MORE effort on a treadmill to match my outside pace. (I hear most people say they feel like the treadmill is easier, but I’ve never felt that. Why? Who knows.)

Within 2 minutes, I was bored. I tried listening to podcasts as I’ve been doing on my outside runs, but it wasn’t helping — I was just watching the seconds tick by one by one. I was never going to last.

Finally I grabbed my iPad and started reading on the Kindle app. More importantly, I put a towel over the treadmill display so I couldn’t see the time or distance anymore. That helped a lot, and I was able to run for 30 minutes without issue.

This ‘n That

— 1 —

I got an email at work yesterday letting me know I’ve been selected to join the Women@NASA initiative! You can go to that site to learn about all sorts of other women who work at NASA (including my friend Katie!), and I’ll be featured there at some point in the future. Fun!

— 2 —

I discovered a few days ago that the A-line skirt I made myself last year doesn’t fit anymore. It was exactly the right size when I made it, but now it easily slides over my hips without even undoing the zipper and is at risk of falling off entirely. On one hand — boo, I can’t wear my skirt! But on the other hand — yay, proof that I’ve lost weight!

— 3 —


While I was home with sick Emma on Monday afternoon, I decided to finally pull the trigger on a minor living room rearrangement. Emma’s table has been hanging out in the archway between our living room and entryway – partially blocking traffic — since she got it for Christmas. I moved it against the wall next to the TV, which seems to be working well so far. (The photo above isn’t the greatest, but it at least shows the new table location.)

We’d also had a foam alphabet floor mat down to form a “play area” in front of our fireplace, and I took those tiles up and put them away. It was great when she was crawling and learning to walk, but it’s not needed anymore.

Even though the living room is still a play area for sure, those two changes make it feel a lot nicer and less cluttered!

— 4 —

Our trip to the pediatrician’s office last Saturday was unfortunately typical — Emma started whimpering before we even left the waiting room and then cried for the duration of the appointment. She cries as she’s being weighed and measured, cries as they take her temperature, cries when the doctor comes into the room, etc etc etc. One of the doctors there suggested after a similar appointment last year that a toy doctor’s kit might help, so on Saturday afternoon we finally picked one up at Target. We’ve been playing with it this week and talking about how the doctor helps fix boo-boos. I also ordered a Berenstein Bears book about going to the doctor to read at bedtime.

It’s probably wishful thinking to imagine that this will somehow minimize the massive freakout I’m anticipating at her 2-year checkup in a few weeks…but I can hope, right?

— 5 —

I have a to-do list of 5 different quilts to make as gifts for various people, and 4 of them are needed by September. I’m going to be very busy sewing over the next 6 weeks if I have any hope of pulling this off, but I’ve gotten a good start. I have fabric in hand already for 3 of them, and have cut all the pieces for the first one. I’ve chosen (or designed) patterns that should look great but don’t involve overly complex piecing.

— 6 —

As a “hooray I ran the 5K” treat to myself, I ordered a pair of Lululemon shorts. I’ve heard people rave about them and figured it was finally time to try them out. I ordered the Groove Shorts, since that’s the type of short I prefer to run in these days. They are SUPER comfortable — but alas, the inseam is about an inch shorter than what it really needs to be in order to fit my needs. (I had looked up the inseam of a pair of Champion brand shorts I wear and it said 5″, which is what the Lulu shorts are, but turns out I looked at the wrong pair. My Champion shorts have a 7″ inseam.)

 — 7 —

When we were in Jamaica, I bought one of those one-time-use waterproof cameras for our trip to Dunns River Falls. It’s still sitting in my purse a month later – I keep forgetting to drop it off to be developed! Hopefully I can finally get that done today.

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Life Story on a Napkin

A few days ago, inspired by this idea, I wrote my “life story on a napkin.” No overthinking, no editing — I just grabbed a napkin and a pen and wrote down what came to mind.


Born on Easter Sunday. Charlotte native now living in Texas for way longer than I expected. Have a least a dozen dream jobs and currently doing one of them by working at NASA. Creative since birth. Runner, triathlete, quilter, blogger. Married to Jose, mama to Emma. I try to do too much and go to bed too late but I’m HAPPY with this life!

Yep. I think that about sums it up! Anybody else want to play?

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