Once Upon a Time Sampler Update


I’ve finished 3 more blocks since the last time I posted about my Once Upon a Time sampler back in early July. The new fairy tale additions were Thumbelina, The Musicians of Bremen (which I had never heard of), and Rapunzel. I’m hoping that Hansel and Gretel make an appearance in the last few months since I think that one could be really cute in this style. We’ll see!


To be honest, I’m pretty impressed that I’ve been able to keep up with it. It is just the right amount of stitching — substantial enough to take some effort, but small enough that it can be done in a few days for months like this when I don’t get around to starting it until the month is more than half over.


In other stitching news, my Halloween Town piece — which I started in June thinking I could handle two cross stitch projects at once — is languishing. I probably won’t get caught up in time to put this on display this year, but we’ll see. I’ve finished 1.5 of the 4 parts…clearly one monthly project is enough for me!


I still haven’t decided what to do with this one when I finish, but one little girl in particular seems interested in it…


Bring on the final three months of 2014!

September Goal Update

I’ll be back with October goals on Thursday. Here’s how I did in September

Stay calm in the face of a crazy first two weeks of September. Done! I can’t really quantify this, but I came out of the first half of this month feeling good despite two weekends of travel and a bunch of work on top of that. As much as I love it, travel also tends to stress me out quite a bit, so staying calm was something to celebrate!

Run 50 miles. Done! I was at 45.9 miles when I posted my Sunday morning weekly summary, and then ran 4.4 miles last night for a September total of 50.3 miles (and I plan to run tomorrow too, so will actually end up with ~54 miles for the month). I’m proud of myself for hitting the mark!

Finish out my “four quilts in August.” I finished two more — what I’m calling my “Diamond Stripe” quilt along with a quilted picnic blanket — plus a mug rug for the Starbucks swap. (I’ll post about the two quilts in the next few weeks after they’ve been gifted.) The fourth and final “August” quilt is still in work…

Weekly Workouts

Sep 21 – 4.4 miles (treadmill)
Sep 22 –
Sep 23 – 2.6 miles (treadmill)
Sep 24 –
Sep 25 –
Sep 26 – 6.3 miles
Sep 27 –

Sep 20 – 175.6
Sep 27 – 175.6


September total – 45.9 miles

Woohoo, I ran outside on Friday! I’ve accepted that it’s going to have to be treadmill or nothing most of the time these days, but it sure is nice to get outside when I can and Flex Friday is the perfect opportunity. On top of that, I only have a few miles to go to hit 50 for the month! Hooray!

In other news, I signed Emma up for a local Kid’s K (and the 5K for me) next Saturday! It will be her first official race and I am ridiculously excited about it. There’s always the possibility that she won’t cooperate, but she seems to love running everywhere else lately (in stores, at daycare, around the house) so I decided to give it a shot. Cross your fingers that it goes well!

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