Weekly Workouts

Jul 6 –
Jul 7 – 2.9 miles (C25K)
Jul 8 –
Jul 9 – 2.9 miles (C25K)
Jul 10 –
Jul 11 –
Jul 12 – 4 miles (C25K)

Jul 5 – 176.2
Jul 12 – 177.8


Well after my week of vacation and week of sickness, I got back on the horse this week and I’m happy to report that it went well! All of my runs were Couch to 5K runs, although they were a bit modified. On Monday and Wednesday, I did a warmup, ran for 26 minutes straight, then did a cooldown. Yesterday I pushed it to 32 minutes straight — AND on top of that, I had Emma with me in the stroller. AND of course it was hot out too, because July/Houston/etc. But I did it!


Lately when I take Emma along, I plan my route so that we end up at the playground right as my running ends and cooldown begins. As you can imagine, she’s a fan of this plan.

My target 5K — the Lunar Rendezvous Run — is next Saturday! I’m feeling very confident that I will be able to cover the distance without walking so I’m looking forward to it!

This ‘n That

— 1 —

I haven’t managed to get back to the salon to get my fingernails redone, and the teal blue polish needed to go — so earlier this week, I removed my own gel nail polish for the first time. HOLY MOLY. What an ordeal. I managed to get it all off, but it took literally an hour (maybe more) and was a giant pain in the butt. My nails look a bit funky underneath, so it’s probably good that they will get a week or so to “air out” before I get them repainted.

— 2 —

I had a rather ridiculous email exchange with my Homeowner’s Association earlier this week. See, my grand idea for Emma’s birthday next month was to rent our neighborhood’s clubhouse, invite people over there, and have a pool party! The clubhouse patio opens directly into the pool area, which has an awesome kiddie pool and splash pad. Fun! And easy, right?


Apparently I’m not allowed to do that. Why? I don’t know, but I was informed that my deed restrictions explicitly say “Use of the Pool during a Clubhouse rental is strictly prohibited unless the renter separately contracts for pool rental”…oh, and you can only rent the pool on off-hours — i.e. before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m.

Our HOA is dumb.

And I have no idea what we’re going to do for Emma’s birthday now.

— 3 —

I haven’t told the story of our trip home from Jamaica. Phrasing it that way — “the story” — makes it sound more dramatic than it really was, but it did have one notable moment. We flew from Montego Bay to Atlanta before connecting on to Houston. Around 9:00 on Sunday night, we were accelerating down the runway in Atlanta to take off for Houston…until suddenly we were braking. The pilot aborted the takeoff!

I’d never had that happen on a flight before and it was a little nerve-wracking. We ended up having to get on a different plane and were delayed almost 3 hours…and didn’t get home until 1:30 a.m. as a result.

— 4 —

I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday morning at 9:30, so instead of going in to work for an hour, I stayed home. I took a leisurely shower, spent 20 minutes sewing, and another 20 minutes reading a document for work. Mornings are usually so quick — I never dawdle on weekdays — so finding myself with a spare hour on a Wednesday morning was unexpectedly pleasant!

— 5 —

Emma recently went through a phase where she hated baths. I don’t know what prompted it, but it culminated right before we left for Jamaica with me basically forcing her writhing body into the bathtub and scrubbing her as quickly as possible while she sobbed. My mom seemed to have better luck while we were gone, and then her baths last week were touch-and-go — we were able to avoid additional meltdowns by chatting happily and distracting her with questions. And then this week? Totally back to normal! She’s playing and laughing in the bath like nothing ever happened.

Sheesh. Toddlers make no sense sometimes.

— 6 —

In other Emma news, we finally turned her car seat around to be forward-facing just before we went on vacation. I thought it would make it a little easier for my mom to get her into the car, but it turns out that it doesn’t really make much of a difference in that department. But now that she’s been turned, it would be difficult to revert to rear-facing because she LOVES being able to see everything outside. I now drive to daycare with a chorus of “truck! big truck!” and other babbling from the back seat.

— 7 —

There was an interesting discussion on one of the local moms FB groups last week about when it is/isn’t appropriate to bring your kids along to events like a baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding. I thought the answer was pretty clear — and for the record, my answer is that I would take Emma only if 1) it was advertised as “kid friendly” or if 2) I cleared it with the host in advance — but apparently a lot of people assume kids are invited to everything? That seems rude to me. What do you guys think?

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On Sharing


I’ve been blogging for 16-ish years. I know. It’s crazy. And awesome. And kind of weird, if I think too hard about it…so I just won’t do that.

Years ago, I shared a lot about my life, from the important to the mundane. There were several times when, in retrospect, I probably overshared. Time has passed, and things have changed, and I feel like what I write here is now much more superficial. This is neither good or bad. It just…is.

I think a big part of the shift from “I talk about everything” to “I keep some things private” began when I got married. Jose is not as much of a sharer as me, not at ALL, and as much as I’d like to deny it, his opinion does have an impact on what I choose to write here — or rather, what I decide to NOT write about.

Now that I’m a wife and mom, my ruminations belong to me…and yet they don’t. At least not always. Or at least not if I’m making them public, because they often involve Jose, and Emma. Life decisions ultimately have to be made with his concurrence, or with her in mind. They affect me; I affect them. My thoughts — and my comfort level with sharing those thoughts — are different now.

Sometimes it bothers me. Sometimes I just want to be able to do what I want, to write what I want, to think out loud, without considering anyone else. Even after 5+ years of marriage and almost 2 years as a parent, I think in some ways I’m still adjusting to this different way of thinking, and of writing it down. Or NOT writing it down.

Sometimes I miss the outlet that I used to have here. I miss being able to complain about stupid things, to rant about a bad day, to work though my mini personal or mental crises when they pop up from time to time. Life outside the blog has changed as well, and I don’t see friends as often as I used to, and sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my social outlet on top of my blog outlet. I find myself with these big! life! angst! uncertainty! worry! feelings! thoughts! and few people with whom to bounce them around.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts rolling around inside my head lately. Thinking about whether we should move. Thinking about what I really want out of my career, and whether I should change it or stay the course in engineering. Thinking about my marriage and my relationship with Jose. Thinking about the future of our family. Thinking about personal traits that are no longer working for me, and thinking about whether it’s possible to change them. Thinking about why sad things that happen, and how to get past them. Thinking about the push-and-pull associated with getting through our daily lives vs. trying to keep the bigger picture in mind.

I don’t really have a point to make at the end of this ramble, at least not right now. I just wanted to share a few thoughts, or maybe I just wanted to share that there are a lot of thoughts going on behind the scenes right now that I’m not entirely sure how to write about just yet, but I want to, and hopefully will soon.

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