Poolside Tote

In the midst of my quilt-filled August, I decided to make myself a poolside tote. It seemed a little crazy at the time, and it certainly took away a bit of time that I could have spent working on those quilts, but I did it anyway!


The pattern is by Anna Graham of Noodlehead, and this is the third pattern of hers that I’ve made (the others were my road trip case and social tote). I appreciate the fact that her instructions are well written and easy to follow with lots of helpful diagrams. I also love the design of the tote itself — floppy and unstructured so that it can be tucked away when not in use, but also large enough to hold at least 3 full-size towels and swimming gear.


I got all my fabrics from Joann, so they’re nothing too fancy. The outer bag and facing are made of a lightweight denim and the zig zag lining is a home decor cotton The handles are a normal quilting cotton. The zipper isn’t a 100% color match but it was the closest I could find and I think it works just fine.


I am super duper happy with how it turned out! I’ve made several bags, but this one is easily the best in terms of both fabric choice and quality of sewing. Whereas in the past I would have been tempted to go pattern crazy with the fabric, I decided to tone it down with the denim and am so glad I did. I also took things slow and steady with the sewing and it really shows in the form of more even seams and topstitching.


This bag is now packed with towels, sunscreen and the all-important swim diapers and ready for our next trip to the pool!


August Goal Update

Hope everyone is having a nice Labor Day holiday today! My September goals are coming later this week, but here’s how I did in August

Finish 4 quilts. I expected this goal to be a doozy, and it was. I didn’t finish all four, but having the goal kept me plugging along and all things considered, I really did get a lot done. I finished (and gifted!) the Offset Stripe quilt. I finished the Diamond Stripe quilt as well, and will be mailing it to its recipient (and posting photos here) soon. I’m nearly done with the third, with only the binding remaining. And I’ve got a plan for the fourth, even though I never got it started in August.

Tweak my blog design. Done! I made a few minor changes…small enough that you may not have noticed them. (And definitely not if you read via RSS but c’est la vie.)

Run 3 times per week. I had to amend this to walking instead of running for the first two weeks thanks to my dental work. I walked 3 times in week 1, walked 3 times and ran once in week 2, ran twice in week 3, and ran 2 times in week 4…so I was successful for the first two weeks and not so for the last two weeks. I really need a better goal than just number of times per week. Hmm.

Weekly Workouts

Aug 24 – 3.3 miles (treadmill)
Aug 25 –
Aug 26 – 3.7 miles (treadmill)
Aug 27 –
Aug 28 –
Aug 29 –
Aug 30 –

Aug 23 – 175.0
Aug 30 – 175.6


Well, the week started out promising but I let other stuff get in the way and didn’t end up running in the last 4 days. Some of that “other stuff” was good — like a date night with Jose! — but some wasn’t — like just plain talking myself out of it because I was tired.

It doesn’t stay light quite as late anymore as it did a couple months ago obviously, and it’s harder to motivate myself to run on the treadmill. I’ll just have to start running after sunset, because being outside helps get me into my running clothes sometimes.

Tomorrow is September, which means I need to officially start training for the half marathon in January. But I’m still in search of a good short-term goal to work towards in the meantime. A 10K sometime in October would be ideal…

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