Weekly Workouts

Dec 14 – 7.5 miles
Dec 15 –
Dec 16 – 3.6 miles
Dec 17 –
Dec 18 –
Dec 19 – 2.6 mile walk (treadmill)
Dec 20 – 4.9 miles


December run total – 31.5 miles
2014 run & walk total – 375.7 miles

Not too bad of a week. I plan to do another long run tomorrow morning — hooray for two weeks of vacation!

Two items of note this week. The first is that on Tuesday, I ran outside and enjoyed the Christmas lights in my neighborhood. I’ve been doing a 5/2 run/walk a lot lately, mainly because it’s super manageable. But on Tuesday, I decided to stretch things out by running for 12 minutes then walking for 2 minutes. (Basically, just skipping every other walk interval.) I did that three times and it felt good.

(Hey, for the ‘burbs in south Texas, this IS pretty.)

Yesterday, I explored a new neighborhood trail nearby, made possible by the recent addition of a connector between two existing trails. I use the word “trail” even though it’s actually concrete, but they run along bayous and through trees instead of right along the road. It was awesome! At just a hair short of 5 miles, it is the perfect new route for a ~1 hour run.

This ‘n That

— 1 —

This video highlighting all the things Johnson Space Center did in 2014 gave me warm fuzzies about my job, and about NASA in general!

— 2 —


I volunteered to make Christmas cards for Emma’s teachers on behalf of the whole class, so on Wednesday night I pulled out my Silhouette (literally — it has to be pulled away from the wall when I want to use it to give the cutting mat room to move) and make four photo cards. I bought the designs for 75 cents each from the online store, cut them out, and printed four copies of a photo I took at Halloween that has 13 of the 14 kids in it. They turned out REALLY cool!

— 3 —

I’m seriously considering whether I have time to make this Ariel doll for Emma for Christmas. Because OMG she would looooove it.

— 4 —


Last Saturday we went to the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. It was insanely (INSANELY) crowded and I have to be honest, that took a bit of the fun out of it. Still, we made the best of the masses of humanity and enjoyed the lights! Emma also particularly liked the few sips of hot chocolate that we gave her. Yum!

— 5 —

My Christmas shopping is nearly complete after a whirlwind of online purchasing this week. I have a couple more things I plan to pick up early next week in Charlotte, but that’s it!

— 6 —

This happened at Joann’s last weekend. Nutcrackers talking! Adorable.

— 7 —


And speaking of adorable, Jen sent me this photo she found on her phone of Carina and Emma two (?) years ago. Maybe just last year. I’m not sure. But either way, oh man! I want to squish those big fat baby cheeks!

Swaps In Work

I mentioned as part of my goals for this month that I’m working on projects for two different swaps — the Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap and an Instagram Tote Swap. The shipping dates for both are mid-to-late January so my plan all along has been to get started in December and avoid any last minute panic-induced sewing…and the associated screw ups that inevitably go along with that.


I came up with the pattern above for my mini quilt a couple weeks ago. It’s a modification of a pattern I love from Elizabeth Hartman’s Modern Patchwork book. My swap partner posted an inspiration mosaic that featured several geometric quilts so I hope this will fit her style. The colors above are only for mockup purposes. In reality I’ll be using a few fabrics from Violet Craft’s Brambleberry Ridge collection that I ordered earlier this week, and maybe a solid or two. I hope it turns out as well as I’m imagining it in my head!


For the tote swap, I decided to buy the pattern for the Evelyn bag by Chris W and make that. After browsing through my partner’s Instagram feed — which was a bit intimidating because she seems to be quite adept at bag-making herself! — I got the feeling she appreciates more structured bags as opposed to something shapeless, so I hope this one fits the bill. I ordered fabric from Acacia by Tula Pink and picked up a few bits of hardware that I didn’t already have from Joann’s. I cut out all the pieces over the weekend. (Interfacing, lining, exterior, straps…bags have so many pieces to cut!)

Before the holidays, I’m hoping to get all the fabric cut for the mini quilt and to put together at least half of the bag. That should leave me in great shape come the beginning of January!

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